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MacroTech has been a global leader in providing software that is tailored to each customer's individual needs.

Three ways to learn about our software:

A demo video will show you the key aspects of our software and how it will integrate into your workflow. A download link is provided for you to explore and see if our software is the right match for your needs. Finally, a small summary is provided highlighting the features found in our software, as well as, a link to the contact page where you can ask further questions.

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Summary of Features

  • Fully automatic operation via recipes.
  • Recipes from users easy to edit.
  • Password-protected operation methods for the
    semi-automatic and manual operation of the system.
  • Direct access to the control and regulation
    parameters and the matching I/O functions.
  • Integration and recipe-guided customization of
    process devices of all leading manufacturers.
  • Communication with the decentral I/O system via
    an industrial bus.
  • Recording measurements and visualisation.
  • Process report, result and error report in plain English.
  • Remote diagnosis and remote servicing system.

Summary of Software Structures

  • Control software for recipe-guided fully automatic
    and semi-automatic machines and manual
    operation of the system.
  • Operation via graphic user interface with different
    system diagrammes, process windows and online
  • Control and regulation of all process parameters
    via the software
  • Modular software structure enables the
    integration of almost every desired process device
    into the sequence control and visualisation

Summary of Control Concepts

  • Control cabinet with supply, power and drive
    electronics (optional)
  • integrated, software-supported beam deflection
    system for electron beam evaporator
  • Industrial PC with real-time software for control
    and visualisation
  • Decentral I/O system (optional Profibus, industrial
    Ethernet or CANopen)
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