Latest News: 2016, 6.-10. Juni OPTATEC Frankfurt

MacroTech Meeting

Once again MacroTech found huge success at this year's Optatec show! The MacroTech booth has seen numerous changes since 2004; however, the booth is not the only thing that has changed. With 500 machines working under the control of MacroTech's software, the show offered an opportunity to deepen existing relationships and start new ones.

The inviting nature of our team gave an agreeable atmosphere for many interesting expert discussions with our long standing business partners and potential new customers.

Picture of e-Gun
  1. The Beginning


    MacroTech Steuerungstechnik was founded by Mr. Martin Bresch. PC based control software for OEM's and end customers (Provac, Schwab + Klug, BTW, etc.)

  2. Expanding


    Expanding the operational field with complete retrofits of existing production equipment (i.e. control software and control hardware).

  3. Facility


    New production facility in Freiburg im Breisgau with office rooms and machine shop.

  4. Building Relationships


    Start of the cooperation with the OEM customer Winter Vakuumtechnik.

  5. Cooperation and Facility Upgrade


    Start of the cooperation with OEM's in Asia (Korea and China). Expanding of the working space of our production facility in Freiburg.

  6. Thin Film Deposition


    Start with the production of complete thin film deposition systems.

  7. "Air to Air, Roll to Roll"


    Development of a control system for a "Air to Air, Roll to Roll" - sputter system for solar absorber films (BlueTec).

  8. e-Gun Evaporation Machine


    Development and construction of an e-Gun evaporation R&D machine for CIGS solar absorber films.

  9. Thin Film CIGS-solar cells


    Development and construction of inline production tools for the production of thin film CIGS-solar cells.

  10. Precision Optics


    Development and constructon of an inline e-gun evaporation production system for precision optics.

  11. Inovation


    Start of cooperation with Optotech Optikmaschinen GmbH. Development/Construction of an inline sputter tool for front contacts and TCO layers in thin film solar cells.

  12. Inovation (cont.)


    Development and Construction of precision optics evaporation systems with broad bank optica monitoring.

  13. VBA-5


    Introduction of the new VBA-5 "All in One" control software for evaporation systems.

  14. Today


    Today more than 500 systems worldwide work with MacroTech control systems in all fields of production and R&D.

image_back MacroTech Recently took part in the 13th anual Optatec event.

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