The pleasant and friendly rooms in Freiburg are equipped with all necessary presentation technology. The demonstration equipment from MacroTech Control Systems is used for regular training. Small groups of 3-6 persons each are introduced to the basics of the vacuum coating or further trained on special topics such as:

- Parametrizing
- Reception structure of the MacroTech controls
- Functionality of the beam deflection
- Measurement and controls

image machine

Support for OEM'S

With MacroTech you will receive:

Control software from MacroTech, adapted and optimized of the OEM's vacuum coating system, design of the control cabinet (electrical CAD drawings), and process support and support during the wiring of the first machines.

As well, support of the OEM in the design of the vacuum system and mechanical parts (mechanical CAD drawings), integration/Support for the process components from all major e-Gun-, ion source-, optical monitoring systems etc. (see above).

Finally, Training of OEM's service and process staff is offered partly on MacroTech's test equipment, partly at OEM's production facility and during the start-up of the first machines at end customer site.

image_back MacroTech Recently took part in the 13th anual Optatec event.

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